Jane Booth, ‘Scatter and Flock’, 2017, Madison Gallery

About Jane Booth

Jane Booth’s vast canvases, covered with large swaths of bright paint, pay homage to the natural world and its constant changes. Many evoke abstract sunsets or an otherwise vibrant sky, although she strives to represent nature, not recreate it literally. Her process involves laying down 50-yard rolls of raw canvas on the floor of her studio or on the ground outside her ranch in Kansas, where she can soak in the prairie and woodland vistas. She pours vibrant color mixtures over the horizontal canvas and pushes the stain around with her hands to create atmosphere, before tacking the canvas to a wall so she can mark it according to her intuition. “I like to paint like a bird dog runs, bringing a depth of senses to the canvas, using the whole body, intuition engaged,” she says.

American, b. 1957, based in Kansas