Jane E. Goldman, ‘Audubon’, 2003, Stewart & Stewart

Goldman explains that “the centerpiece of "Audubon" is the image of John James Audubon's "Louisiana Heron," echoed in flower and shadow shapes. The composition is a play of interlocking forms of book, bouquet and shadows, held together by negative (or white) space. In this still life I continue my abiding interest in the world of arranged objects bathed in light, inviting meditation on their metaphysical properties."
Goldman's visual media include watercolor, oil, intaglio, lithography, relief, screenprint, and terrazzo. A New England aquatic journey flows over 60,000 square feet of terrazzo floor at Boston's Logan Airport where Goldman's two public art installations, designed for the Massachusetts Port Authority, opened in 1999 and 2002. The Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris), Brooklyn Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Fogg Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Arts, the Library of Congress and the Peabody-Essex Museum include Goldman’s work in their permanent collections. Goldman lives and works in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Stewart & Stewart is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). Transparent colors, rarely seen in screenprints, and painterly printmaking techniques characterize its prints. Curators and collectors appreciate the full documentation that accompanies each print. Masterprinter, Norman Stewart and his partner and spouse, Susan Stewart, have collaborated with artists since 1980. The new Goldman screenprint was created in the historical country setting of what originally was the gardeners' quarters of the Book Family summer estate, built in 1923 and once owned by Edsel Ford. Stewart & Stewart also features select consigned prints.

Series: Edition of 53 impressions

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Publisher: Stewart & Stewart

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