Jane E. Goldman, ‘Audubon August’, 2014, Stewart & Stewart

From studies, Jane E. Goldman created a maquette for the Audubon August variable print edition, the ninth in the artist's Audubon series and the first incorporating archival pigment printing with hand painting. The maquette was digitally captured and adjusted, after which twenty-four archival pigment prints were created with the preliminary image all printed on Entrada Rag Natural 290, 100% cotton paper. The artist completed the preliminary prints with watercolor and gouache providing a near match from print to print, given the subtle variation of handwork. These are exceptional works, masterfully created by Jane E. Goldman and her first variable edition combining pigment printing and her direct handwork in completing each impression.

Series: Edition of 20 impressions

Image rights: Photo © www.StewartStewart.com 2014

Publisher: Stewart & Stewart

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