Jane Rosen, ‘Painted Wolf’, 2012, Sears-Peyton Gallery

About Jane Rosen

Exploring the interconnectedness of all life forms, Jane Rosen closely observes animals as a key to understanding human nature. Consequently, deer, horses, hawks, and dogs often serve as subjects for her sculptures, paintings, and prints. Her drawings often proceed spontaneously, taking coffee or ink stains as their starting point. Meanwhile, her psychologically complex, multilayered wall sculptures comprise materials ranging from marble dust to gypsum, willow branches to horse hair. They often investigate the opposition between nature and culture, as exemplified by Boat/Beak (1992), in which tow halves of a boat protrude from the wall, in a formation resembling a bird’s beak. As Rosen describes, her art addresses “questions about other possible states of awareness.”

American, b. 1950, New York, New York, based in San Gregorio, California