Janet Fish, ‘Leyden’, 1991, Stewart & Stewart

Leyden was hand printed in twelve colors at the Wing Lake Studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, U.S.A. Each of the twelve original color separations was drawn by the artist, then screenprinted using an indirect sensigraphic stencil system. The printing sequence number is followed by the color name, color density level (1=transparent...10=opaque), color value level (1=lightest...10=darkest), and the developmental image.
SEQUENCE: 1) white, 5, 1, white under printing, 2) light pink, 2,2, flowers & bowl, 3) medium pink, 2, 4, flowers & bowl, 4) ochre (light), 2, 1, overall warm base, 5) brown, 5, 6, overall brown base, 6) green, 4, 6, general image development (G.I.D.), 7) dark red, 3, 5, G.I.D., 8) blue, 2, 3, G.I.D., 9) cadium yellow (mustard), 2, 2, G.I.D., 10) black (transparent), 2, 8, G.I.D., 11) pale yellow, 2,2, G.I.D., 12) grey, 1, 5, toner plate.

Series: Edition of 44 impressions

Image rights: Photo © www.StewartStewart.com 1991

Publisher: Stewart & Stewart

About Janet Fish

Janet Fish is a realist painter, best known for her still lifes of familiar and everyday objects like fruit, flowers, and glassware, which she sources from her home, travels, and flea markets. For Fish, however, the central subjects of her works are not the discrete objects, but the effects of light and “the complex relationship of color and form from one area of the painting to another. Eventually everything is intertwined.” The artist sometimes spends entire days creating arrangements of objects in different light to paint. She attributes her attraction to vivid color to time spent in Bermuda as a child. As a graduate student at Yale, Fish studied color theory with Josef Albers, and was particularly influenced by the works of Fairfield Porter and Alex Katz.

American, b. 1938, Boston, Massachusetts