Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse
Janette Dye, ‘Easy Going’, Artspace Warehouse

Janette Dye’s artworks display a perfect balance of form and color. She carefully depicts the organic geometric shapes within her paintings through delicately textured acrylics combined with bold lines and vibrant color fields. Her artworks radiate energy and warmth to any room in which they are displayed.

This 36" by 36" square original painting is wired and ready to hang. The sides of the red, yellow and black artwork are painted black. It does not require framing. It is signed and titled by the artist on the back. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. $125 shipping within Continental US. Affordable worldwide shipping options available. A certificate of authenticity and hanging hardware are included.

Born in England, 1962, Janette Dye grew up in a quaint village on the outskirts of the industrial NW city of Manchester, amongst thriving contrasts of the working class and the privileged. These constant changes in movement, growth and vitality were strong influences on the artist from an early age. It was at this time that Janette started regular instructions from the world renowned English painter, Harold Riley. Thus began the start of a lifelong dream.

In later years Janette was exposed to the works of Riley’s mentor L.S. Lowry. Lowry’s paintings depict the strained moods of Northern factories and their laborers, which Janette could relate to because of her family history. He was capable of capturing the overpowering emotions of the workers and the factories through strong stylized forms. She increasingly focused on the potential of a single painted line, which in turn led to her exploration of abstract art. These images soon began to influence her approach on everyday living, “As each painting has a new beginning so we too can experience something new every day.”

During her time at art College in Manchester, she mainly worked with charcoal where her emphasis was on the 'negative' space. The lack of color emphasized the shape and size of the line and sensibility.

After moving to the U.S. Janette has combined her earlier life experiences from the UK and began her new creative direction here. Balance and simplicity is at the heart of Janettes' work. She is at her boldest when she seduces the viewer with her dynamic composition and color sensitivity to create a unique visual vocabulary.

“Life is for Living, not just existing; it's the same as abstract painting. Each blank canvas is a ‘new day’ where every brush stroke is filled with unpredictable excitement, spilling over with spontaneity, nothing anticipated or obvious, yet is able to balance the feelings that don't disturb the viewer, alternately, add a sense of curiosity and objectivity."

In the last few years, Janette has been very fortunate to work with artists such as DOWNS who was mentored by Karl Benjamin and Frederick Hammersley. Her artworks have been exhibited throughout the US and have been acquired by the Capital One cooperate collection.

2016 Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery, Austin, TX
2016 Malton Art Gallery, Cincinatti, OH
2016 Christopher Anthony Collections, CA
2015 Capitol One Corporate Art Collection, San Francisco, CA
2015 Colin Fisher Studio, Palm Springs CA
2015 Studio D Contemporary Art, Palm Springs CA
2013 Studio D Contemporary Art, Palm Springs CA
2008 Dezart One Gallery, Palm Springs, CA
2005 Gallery Carla, CA
1995 Windsong Gallery, Del Mar CA
1982 Kings Street Gallery, Manchester, England
1979 The Delph Gallery, Worsley, England
1978 Salford College Art Gallery, Salford, England
1970 Buile Hill Museum (with Harold Riley), Salford, England

About the gallery: Artspace Warehouse is one of the world's leading galleries for savvy contemporary art collectors. With galleries in Zurich (Switzerland Kunstwarenhaus Est. 2000) and Los Angeles (USA Est. 2010), Artspace Warehouse specializes in affordable international urban, pop, figurative and abstract art from the hottest emerging and mid-career artists.

Signature: This artwork is signed by the artist on the back.

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