Janice Kerbel, ‘Love Lust Deceit Revenge Death’, 2014, Galerie Karin Guenther

About Janice Kerbel

To find artistic form for non-visual experiences, Janice Kerbel creates theater and performance pieces. In 2011, Kerbel created Kill the Workers, a dramatic narrative executed solely in theatrical lighting. Rather than illuminating form, four stands of lights all point toward an empty space on the floor, which becomes the stage for an epic journey of conflict and transformation that recalls a mythic odyssey. In 2006, Kerbel wrote Nick Silver Can’t Sleep, a radio play for insomniacs produced by Artangel Interaction projects and broadcast on BBC’s Radio 3, starring Rufus Sewell and Fiona Shaw. In 2009, Kerbel presented Ballgame, for which she studied the language of baseball commentary in order to script a full 90-minute, 9-inning game for a voice actor. Kerbel’s work ranges from installations to book projects, prints, and audio works.

Canadian, b. 1969