Janis Crystal Lipzin, ‘Vertical Cycles, Paris’, 2016, San Francisco Cinematheque: Benefit Auction 2016

Pushing the limits of expression in media arts for the past forty years, Janis Crystal Lipzin employs diverse methods to capture such divisive subject matter as pyromania, murder, and mortality. In Vertical Cycles, Paris, the kinetic energy of the shot is orchestrated entirely in camera. Lipzin been featured in shows at the MoMA, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Centre Pompidou, and the Kunstmuseum in Berne, among many others.

Artist's Description: This work is from a series, initiated over 30 years ago, which exploits the "faults" of simple plastic cameras. The camera's limitations: a shutter that sticks open unpredictably producing unusually long exposures; its plastic lens that diffracts light in unexpected ways; the manual film advance that overlaps frames on the roll film-- provide the artist with endless creative discoveries. Lipzin edits "in the camera" keeping the original negative roll intact. Film's light-sensitive emulsion is her gateway to re-imagining and re-experiencing the physical world in a tactile and connected way, even as digital processes engulf contemporary art and commerce with virtual disconnected ease. Lipzin's conscious decision to begin with film is based on that medium's unduplicable and capricious response to light. Her processes, refined over many years of practice, produce outcomes that allude to, but don't truly describe, color in the natural world--the outcomes become the visible evidence of a direct, yet surreptitious, conspiracy between artist, materials, and photochemical occurrences.

Framed. 19 1/4 x 13 in. Frame is 3/4 in wide matte black wood and glass.

Signature: Signed on verso

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist