Jarek Puczel, ‘Blow Up’, 2013, Robert Fontaine Gallery

Born in Poland in 1965, Jarek Puczel received his MA from the University of Warsaw in 1990. He approaches his work with the idea that life is a movie or a game of illusion and the world is a playground where different realities play with one another.
Puczel catches the calmness of apparently simple and unspectacular situations with an impressive modesty and apparent ease. He creates an interesting and tense moment, which we can neither escape nor interpret appropriately. The reduced, yet still expressive colors in his compositions create an outstanding clarity that seems less disturbing than it has a soothing and allaying effect on the viewer. He explores the empty silence of different situations and reduces the image to the most essential details, thus forcing us to read between the lines and let ourselves dive into the situation depicted.
Jarek Puczel lives and works in Olsztyn, Poland.

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About Jarek Puczel

Polish, b. 1965, Kętrzyn, Poland, based in Olsztyn, Poland

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