Jason Dodge, ‘A permanently open window’, 2013, Collezione Maramotti

About Jason Dodge

With a simplicity that belies their conceptual nature, Jason Dodge’s installations communicate powerful narratives propelled by exhibition titles such as, “I woke up. There was a note in my pocket that explained what had happened” (2009). That exhibition featured unexpected combinations of familiar objects—satellite dishes, light bulbs, bells, and baskets—taken out of context. Colorful blankets, for instance, commissioned from hand-weavers around the world, were placed in the gallery in juxtaposition with organ pipes; it was left to viewers to derive meaning from the work based on their own subjective associations to the objects. “Generally, it is the people, the subjects that are lacking in what I do,” Dodge explains. “I’m talking to you about them, but they’re not there. It’s as if I were using the feeling of loss as material.”

American, b. 1969, Newtown, Pennsylvania, based in Berlin, Germany