Jason Karolak, ‘Untitled (P-1613)’, 2016, devening projects

About Jason Karolak

Guided by line and color, Jason Karolak produces vibrant, abstract oil paintings, at once loose and gestural, geometrical and structured. By keeping elements of his practice consistent—he works at either a large- or small-scale and with oil on canvas or linen—he sets parameters within which to experiment and pursue his vision. Size shapes his compositions. His large-scale works consist of openwork forms, which look like melting Sol LeWitt grids or computer-generated models, free-floating against velvety black backgrounds. His more intimate compositions are flatter, packed with neon-bright, linear patterns that cover the canvas edge-to-edge. Though Karolak does not paint what he sees, hints of real-world influences (stacked shipping containers, cultivated fields) may be discerned. “I don't directly reference observed elements in my paintings,” he says, “but my experience of space, color, and light makes its way into the work implicitly.”

American, b. 1974