Jason Kraus, ‘Untitled Object #6’, 2014, Public Art Fund Benefit Auction 2015

Estimated value: $7,500

The work of the process-based artist Jason Kraus challenges the appearance of sameness and regularity in life. The tidy boxes and their half-hidden contents in his sculpture, “Untitled Object #5”, suggest how seemingly ordered units of our existence contain confined and thwarted impulses to break free and grow.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus’s installations and sculptures explore the ways in which objects become evidence or remnants of actions and events. Though Kraus sometimes produces his artworks via performance, the performance itself is frequently done in private with limited disclosure, while the resulting objects are exhibited to the public. For example, Primary Explosions (2007) is comprised of the photographs of an event in which he exploded a number of cakes in a closed room. A theme in this and many of his other works is the generic nature or the repetitive appearance of everyday objects. In one of his best-known series of works, made in 2009, Kraus re-cast the forms of damaged motorcycle parts from collision accidents in multiple mediums, frequently in clear plastic and cement.

American, b. 1983, New York, New York, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

Harris Lieberman Gallery, 
New York,