Jason Loebs, ‘beyond the decapitated 117-2’, 2015, ESSEX STREET

Image rights: Digital C-print of two 20 sided dice thrown on a scanner. The dice are thrown on the scanner moving at the fastest rate of 74 dpi. Most of the rolls settle before the scanner is finished and are still images of the two dice. I keep only those scans of dice in movement as they roll against the scanner (a total of 7 images out of more then 450 rolls). These 7 images are a kind of unsettled document where contingency and chance is still operative relative to the potential outcomes. A separate spreadsheet documents the all dice rolls fulfilling a complete set of every possible roll between 2-40 when the dice are added together, while the sign for void (Ø) documents each of the 7 prints that are still moving dice. Digital C-print flat mounted onto a aluminum dibond with an invisible UV plastic laminate on the photo to protect it.

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