Jason Loebs, ‘servic(escape)s, Worringer Straße 64, EIZO LCD Monitor and Monitor Hood, Reverse,’, 2015, ESSEX STREET

Image rights: Photographs of Galerie Max Mayer were taken with a thermal camera used for military surveillance. The photographs focus on thermal energy generated by electronic equipment in both the office space and gallery itself. There is a reciprocal relation between the thermal index of an invisible atmospheric gradient of heat while simultaneously rendering imperceptible normative photographic indexicality (color, light and graphics). Heat, like noise a noise gradient, water quality disperse themselves into the general commons. This commons is increasingly instrumentalized to secure and insure maximum state surveillance, it is researched and resourced towards privatized ends and mined almost as a natural resource towards maximum profit. The servic(escape)s document and reflect on this invisible but collectively shared contested ambient sphere.

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