Jason Matthew Lee, ‘Untitled ’, 2017, Mazzoli

Lee was professionaly trained as a photographer, and many of his paintings are created by repeatedly printing on top of the same canvas. He uses scans from comics, pages of art books, or just jpegs found through Google.
Each successive layer of his paintings further obscures their components, and the final product appears both like a painting and as the execution of some arcane program.
This double face strategy, makes the canvas working as an object, more than as a simple flat surface, turning it into a metaphoric device. Thanks to the metallic stains, for example, it could resemble a memory card, or a kind of processor to be inserted somewhere to trick, or better to hack, the “official” system. And that probably is the meaning of placing it in such an unconventional way.
His work has been exhibited internationally in the US, France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Italy and Germany.

About Jason Matthew Lee

American, b. 1989, Chicago, IL, United States, based in New York, NY, United States

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