Jason Salavon, ‘All the Ways (The Simpsons)’, 2016, TAI Modern

About Jason Salavon

New media artist Jason Salavon transforms cultural data into visual compositions, reformatting information into rich patterns and visual “averages” that reveal insights into consumer images and our relationship with them. Manipulating data with his own software design and algorithms, Salavon has digitally fused hundreds of images—such as pornography—into aggregates. For his exhibition “Tragedy of the Commons”, Salavon recorded one week’s worth of TV programming on HBO, CNN, and ESPN and manipulated the resulting data into blocks, stripes, and pixels to indicate the patterns embedded in branding strategies and scheduling, which he then presented as large-scale prints. Salavon also riffs on art historical themes, creating aggregate digital portraits of artists from the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age.

American, b. 1970, Indiana, based in Chicago, Illinois