About Jason Sims

Jason Sims is best known for his sculptural installations and light boxes that carry undertones of existential theory. Using light and space, Sims creates playful optical illusions that give the impression of an infinite void floating on the wall. The pieces are characterized by bold, geometric shapes accentuated by bright-colored light. Constructed from wood, reflective glass, mirror, and LED and MDF lights, the mesmerizing works are meant to both entice viewers and provoke contemplation of the physical and social structures of society, exploring what it means to exist. Sims describes his interest as in “evoking a desire within the viewer for the illusion to conquer what they know to be true in order to reach towards something more powerful and profound.”

Australian, b. 1981

Group Shows on Artsy

SIGNAL 8 SUMMER SALON SHOW, The Cat Street Gallery, Sheung Wan