Jay Shinn, ‘Center Curve’, 2016, Louise Alexander Gallery

About Jay Shinn

A contemporary Op Artist, Jay Shinn works with light, line, and geometric forms to push the boundaries of our perception, making the 2-D appear 3-D, the fixed appear kinetic, and causing solid structures to dematerialize. As he describes: “By working with light, shadow, line, and volume, the work begins to bend space, creating illusions that imply dimension—leading the viewer to question what is real and what is imagined.” Both site-specific and autonomous, Shinn’s works range from sculptures and wall installations to paintings and works on paper. Structured by geometry, they are composed of a variety of materials, including paint, steel, wood, and neon tubing. Like the Light and Space artists by which he is inspired, and his fellow Op Art practitioners, Shinn reveals the infinite complexities of elemental subjects: line, light, and the space that surrounds us.

American, Magnolia, Arkansas, based in New York and Dallas, Texas

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