Jaybo Monk, ‘He Of Absense’, 2015, Julien's Auctions
Jaybo Monk, ‘He Of Absense’, 2015, Julien's Auctions

Framed: 32 3/4 x 40 3/4 in.

He of Absence is Jaybo Monk’s ode to the Spanish painter Salvador Dali and the surrealist movement of the early 20th century. Done through a 21st century lens, the contemporary elements, like the sleek side of the Mac laptop, seem almost anachronistic in the Surrealist landscape where limbs cascade from walls and appendages extend into furniture. Elements of the human body are positioned as if in Pablo Picasso’s painting of Dora. This disfiguration of the human form is poetic, and while Monk’s message seems elusive at first, the viewer is able to unpack the artist’s visual language through the title of the painting, for what is absent in the painting is more significant than what is present.

Signature: Titled, signed and dated in black marker on verso

Soze Gallery Collection

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