Jaydan Moore, Ornamentum

About Jaydan Moore

Influenced by his upbringing in a family of fourth-generation tombstone makers, Jaydan Moore cuts apart and reassembles found silver-plated tableware into evocative sculptures. He is especially interested in family heirlooms and in the marks of wear on the objects with which he works. For him, objects are containers of memories. As he explains: “I am motivated by how an object moves through the world, changing in meaning as it is passed down, and how it is cherished as its significance grows. This history of objects has led to my continued exploration of heirlooms.” In one series, for example, Moore deconstructed numerous platters into hundreds of shards, which he then pieced together into new platters, each one bearing a richly textured and patterned surface. But while he creates new objects from old ones, he emphasizes that “the past still lives within.”