JD Fergusson, ‘Hills, Pourville’, ca. 1926, The Scottish Gallery

Pourville is a beach resort flanked by cliffs just south of Dieppe. As Green Beach it was one of the objectives in the Dieppe Raid of 1942 and saw heavy allied casualties. In 1926 it would have been a quiet village and a likely stop-over for Fergusson and Meg travelling from London to the South of France, perhaps scouting for an alternative venue for a Margaret Morris dance retreat. Fergusson’s vigorous wash drawings display a typical strong, modern structure while being true to place.

Annual Exhibition, St Andrews Fine Art, St Andrews, 1989, cat. 62

Private collection, Edinburgh

About JD Fergusson

Scottish, 1874-1961, Leith, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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