Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, ‘"Inuit" Mask Mirror’, 2012, Galerie kreo

Image rights: Photograph: Felipe Ribon

About Jean-Baptiste Fastrez

Paris-based designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez is known for reinterpreting everyday objects in a combination of handcrafted and mechanized production. Simplified to and maintaining their basic function, his objects are redesigned with sculptural integrity and a quality that transcends the seeming inefficiency of mass production. Fastrez cites the Bouroullec brothers’ design team, who he assisted for four years, as a major influence to his work—particularly evidenced in the like-minded, experimental nature of their works. In 2011, Fastrez reinterpreted the standard hair dryer to infuse the contemporary tool with traditional, handcrafted values. Although the body of his dryer is manufactured industrially, the handmade construction of the handle recalls the craft tradition of handle making, suggestive of a Native American battle axe and evoking a newfound beauty in the common appliance.

French, b. 1984