Jean-Baptiste Valadie, ‘Contestation’, 2015, BOCCARA ART

Today Jean-Baptiste is 84 years old and he has a long history behind him.

His works were exhibited all over the world - Europe, US, Australia, South Africa, Senegal, South Africa, China and Japon.

For more than 10 years, however, he has lived a cloistered existence in Marrakech, purposefully hidden from the world, drowning on the inspiration of his surroundings to cultivate a new style. He has created the Tarot of Marrakesh, and working on the Tarot and symbolisme influences his a lot. That is how his new style has emerged.

Out of Jean-Baptiste's decade in the shadows comes a new collection of collages (mixed media).

In 2016 Jean-Baptiste was chosen by ROLLS ROYCE MOTORS to participate in ROLLS ROYCE ART Tour 2016.

Signature: Bottom right

09.06.2016 - private exhibition of Jean-Baptiste Valadié, MONACO;
13.07.2016 ROLLS ROYCE MOTORS and BOCCARA ART, private exhibition, Monaco;
3.09.2016 ROLLS ROYCE ART TOUR 2016;
30.11-3.12.2016 X-Contemporary, Miami Art Basel Week;
3-7.05.2017 ArtNewYork


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