Jean Duquoc, ‘Les Orages de la Vie s'Eloignent ’, 2014, Canfin Gallery


Signature: by the Artist

Image rights: Jayme Lawnsby Photography

Simplicity equates clarity, and for Jean Duquoc his recent works are synonymous with this very purpose. His works offer an honest and more direct distillation of the landscape, the subject of his life’s work. They are grounded by a stripped down and freer hand, evidenced by the immediacy and maturation of an assured brush work. One can readily sense, as well, a renewed vitality. His palettes, too, are evolved - less reliant solely on primaries. They instead offer a broader and most satisfactory spectrum. There exists a definite purity, as well, to his sumptuous color choices. Light still reigns king, and remains an enduring presence within his saturated canvases. The works capture the transformative moments founded in nature, and the rapture borne of such experience.
Born in 1937, DUQUOC, a self-taught painter, has enjoyed a long and celebrated career. His lifework is influenced by the landscape of his beloved home in Brittany France and forever distinguished by bold and saturated canvases - suffused in color. His Colorado suit is an ode to the profound effect of this His work may be found in distinguished collections, both public and private, worldwide.

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