Jean-François Rauzier, ‘Tapis Lada’, 2016, Waterhouse & Dodd

Signature: To be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the artist.

The artist was invited to l’Azerbaijan, a country that was totally foreign to him. When searching on the all country’s heritage, he saw that they are specialized and make beautiful tapestries. This was confirmed when he visited their museums. This is what he wanted to see as those are part of the Patrimonies of Humanity that Jean-François like to testify about, every were he goes.
He was also amazed by the important influence of the ex Soviet Union, that was left 25 years ago by Azerbaijanis. In this case all the cars that they still uses are old Ladas from the Soviet époques
So the combination of the tapestries, heritage of the past traditions and Ladas testimony of a more recent time.

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