Jean-Gabriel Eynard, ‘Marie & Henri, outdoor portrait of grandchildren’, 1847, SERGE PLANTUREUX

Signature: manuscript caption by Eynard in ink on original label, verso : “En mai 1847 à Paris, Marie Regny Henri Regny”.

Image rights: Courtesy 7SQ

When invention of photography was proclaimed in 1839, not all the adepts were new born chicken and a few mature gentlemen did express they interest. In the 1815 Congrès de Vienne, Jean-Gabriel Eynard, a Swiss diplomate had manœuvred for the independence of Switzerland with his friend Capodistrias. It may be interesting to list all the actors of the creation of Modern Europe in 1815 who manifested interest for the modernity of Photography, the invention which will shape the next modernity.

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