Jean Michel Berts, ‘Bow Bridge 2’, 2007, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

Since the eighties, French photographer Jean-Michel Berts worked as a still life photographer for several well-known cosmetic brands before switching to a more personal focus, a body of work called “City Portraits.” From Paris to New York or Venice to Berlin and Jerusalem, through his eyes these sublimated cities take a poetic, ethereal and dreamlike value. His technique has become a signature aspect in collecting the essence of cities. By using the method of Ansel Adams called The Zone System, over exposing negatives and under developing them allows a strong density, enhancing the contrast of black and white. His unique vision of mystifying light compliments the carbon pigment’s rich deep blacks and infinitely subtle tonal variations. These are selectively chosen works by the artist, only available through Sous Les Etoiles Gallery.

The Light of Paris, 2006; The Light of New York, 2007; The Light of Tokyo, 2008; The Light of Venice, 2010; The Light of Jerusalem, 2014, all by Assouline Publishers.

The Light of Armenia was published in 2011 by Waskoll Publishers

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