Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery
Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery
Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery
Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery
Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery
Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery
Jean Michel Folon, ‘Train Silkscreen Hand Signed Belgian Modernist Folon’, 20th Century, Lions Gallery

Jean-Michel Folon (1934- )
Jean-Michel Folon was born in Brussels. He began to study architecture but abandoned it in favor of drawing, which allowed more expressive studies. His drawings have appeared in numerous magazines including Time, Fortune, The New Yorker, and L'Express. In 1969 he had his first one-man show in the United States, followed closely by exhibitions in Tokyo, Venice, Milan, London, Sao Paulo, Geneva, Brussels, and Paris. Folon has illustrated works by Kafka, Lewis Carroll, and Ray Bradbury. In 1973 he created a series of watercolors titled La Mort d'un Arbre (The Death of a Tree), for which Max Ernst created a lithograph as a preface. Folon has completed a 176-square-foot painting for a subway station in Brussels and a 160-square-foot painting for Waterloo Station in London. He is most comfortable using the engraving and drypoint techniques of printmaking.
He designed theatre sets, magazine covers, advertisements, posters, wine labels, etc. Often involved in noble undertakings, such as working for world peace, for the disabled, and for safeguarding our environment, he worked on the graphic creation of the "Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man" and produced posters for Unicef, Greenpeace and Amnesty International." 1968 It conceives mural for the house of France to Triennial of Milan, animated of 500 luminous points. It exposes 60 works to the Gallery from France in Paris, and creates a book of end of the year for The Museum of Modern Art of New York. moma.
1969 First exposures to New York, Lefebre Gallery.
1970 Visit Japan and shows in Tokyo and Osaka. It takes part in XXXVè Biennale of Venice in the house of Belgium. First exposure in Italy, in Galleria del Milione in Milan, October.
1971 Carry out a significant exposure to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris with 90 works which will be presented later on at the Palate of the Art schools of Charleroi, the Museum of Modern art of Brussels and at Castello Sforzesco of Milan.
1972 Expose to Arts Club of Chicago.
1973 Illustrate the Metamorphosis of Kafka. Alice Editions publishes a collection of watercolours, the Death of a tree, of which he writes also the text. Max Ernst prefaces the book of an original lithography. It belongs to the selection of Belgian artists of XIIè Biennale of Sao Paulo, whose Great Price is decreed to him.
1974 Carry out ten etchings and aquatintes for the Circular Ruins of Jorge Luis Borges. Expose to Milan, the Marconi Studio. For a room of the new subway of Brussels it carries out Magic City, painting of 165 m2.
1975 Undertakes the one second mural decoration, Paysage, for Olivetti, in Waterloo Station in London. Its correspondence in images with Giorgio Soavi is the subject of a book, Lettres with Giorgio, published by Alice Editions.
1976 Expose to the Boymans-van-Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, then in Deutsches Plakatmuseum, Essen. Carry out covers colors for various magazines, of which Time, which will publish four during years of them.
1977 Expose to Institute of Contemporary Art in London and Spoleto within the framework of XXè Festival, of which it draws the poster.
1978 Expose to the Museum of Modern art of Liege with Milton Glaser. Illustrate Alcools and Calligrammes , of Guillaume Apollinaire.
1979 Illustrate Martian Chroniques , of Ray Bradbury and the complete work of Jacques Prévert in 7 volumes. Exposure of watercolours to the Berggruen Gallery, Paris.
1980 By a series of twelve watercolours and joinings, it illustrates the Autumn in Peking, of Boris Vian, and by a continuation of etchings and aquatintes, the Useless beauty, of Guy of Maupassant.
1981 At the request of Michel Soutter, it designs the decorations of the theatre for works of Frank Martin and Giacomo Pucccini represented with the Large Theatre of Geneva. It carries out images projected for Histoire of the soldier , Igor Stravinsky, with the theatre of the Life in Brussels.
1982 The Museum from the Post office in Paris exposes its work engraved and the Museum Ingres de Montauban organizes an exposure.
1983 It carries out films in drawings in its workshop and turns of the short films to New York, Los Angeles and the Orleans News. Improvise a continuation in images, Conversation, with Milton Glaser, published by Alice Editions.
1984 Retrospective of its posters to Defense in Paris. It carries out the illustrations of the poetic of Guillaume Apollinaire and serious work a succession of etchings and aquatintes for Pluies of New York d' Albert Camus. Exposure to the museum Picasso d' Antibes.
1985 It goes to Japan for a retrospective which will be presented at Tokyo, Osaka and Kamakura. Close to the Door from Italy in Paris, it carries out a mural of 14 stages height. In November, presentation of its work to the Correr Museum, Venice.
1986 It engraves the Lointains album , which includes/understands 6 etchings and aquatintes on the topic of the voyages, for Blue Shadow, in Paris. It starts to carve objects out of wooden.
1987 For the reopening of Teatro Olimpico built by Palladio, it draws the poster and offers to the Museum of Vicenza a donation of 100 posters. It goes to Argentina, in Buenos Aires. It exposes to it with his friend Milton Glaser to Museo de Bellas Artes. They are invited to the University where they speak to 4000 students. It visits the water falls of Iguaçu at the border of Paraguay, a magic place which it draws. Another exposure is presented by the Botanical Museum of Brussels.
1988 It engraves a succession of etchings and aquatintes, In connection with Creation , on the topic of the Genesis . It creates the initials of the Bicentenary of the French revolution. For International Amnesty, it illustrates the Universal Declaration of the Humans right, published in the 6 official languages of UNO, prefaced by Javier Pérez de Cuéllar. It continues to create objects out of wooden, started in 1986, which it transforms and which it paints with oil.
1989 It works with decorations in Teatro Goldoni in Venice and Teatro Argentina in Rome for a comedy of Carlo Goldoni, put in scene by Maurizio Scaparro. It carries out in Aubusson a tapestry of 80 m2 for the Palate of the Congresses of Monaco. Its posters are exposed to the Museum of the Poster with Lahti, in Finland, and with the Museum of the Poster in Toulouse.
1990 An exposure of watercolours and engravings is organized to Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, which presents also its first transformed objects. The Museum Marino Marini of Florence shows then an exposure of its watercolours, engravings and posters. Great wood sculptures cut in beams of recovery. It starts to carry out boats with all kinds of different materials.
1991 Under the title Our Ground, an exposure gathers a series of engravings and posters which evoke the safeguard of the environment. It will be presented in many small towns of France. On the same topic of the nature conservancy, it begins an enthralling collaboration with Alberto Meomartini for the Snam Company in Italy. They will carry out together a series of creations which go from animated films to the posters of very great dimensions. For example 500m2 in front of theSaint-Pierre place in Rome. Posters which covered the walls of the towns of Italy, during several years. He carves plaster and ground characters and carries out also the first parts out of bronze.
1992 It continues the objects and sculptures. It illustrates the invisible Man of H.G. Wells by a series of watercolours. It creates in Chartres the stained glasses of a vault located at the Mount-Agel, in the south of France.
1993 It is devoted especially to the sculptures which are presented for the first time at Pedrera, building built by Gaudi in Barcelona. The exposure organized by Caixa de Catalunya included/understood also a vast choice of watercolours, paintings and engravings.
1994 Exposure of watercolours and sculptures in Marisa LED Re Gallery of New York.
1995 Retrospective with Shizooka, the Bunkamura Museum of Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan. It illustrates a dozen Fables of the Fountain for Edizioni Clouds in Milan.
1996 Retrospective with the Olympic Museum of Lausanne
Exposure of 80 watercolours of its own collection to Museo Morandi, Bologna.
Donation of its photographs of the Morandi workshop to the same museum. According to the tradition of the town of Bologna, one burns a fabric sculpture 12 meters height, carried out according to his project, the night of December 31, on Piazza Maggiore.
1997 Exposures to the Casino of Knokke it Zoute, in Belgium. It installs at the same place a bronze sculpture in front of the sea, that water covers with each tide, entitled ' the sea, this large sculptor ª.
Construction of the stained glasses of the church of the 12 2nd century of Burcy, in France.
Creation of the sculpture ' the Messenger ª, with the memory of the assassinated children, installed in Brussels, the Royal Park.
1998 It creates large-sized mural works, in Milan and Rome. It finishes in Pietrasanta, in Italy several sculptures out of marble, a 6 meters height.
The stained glass of the Vault of Pisa are finished and posed.
1999 Exposure to Elzenveld, Antwerp. It paints the flag of Palio, with His. "To steal" a bronze sculpture of 3 meters is installed with the international airport of Brussels. The whole of its sculptures is placed on Piazza Del Duomo, and in the Church of Sant' Agostino de Pietrasanta, to Italy. Exposure to Galleria It Chiostro with Saronno and Galleria Andre in Rome. The night from December 31, in Pietrasanta, one lit 2000 candles posed on terra cotta hands which it carved, with the 2000 years memory last. Folon named this evening "the time of a prayer".
2000 show of watercolors and sculpture to the Gallery Guy Pieters in Saint Paul de Vence.
The artist created the Folon Foundation which is inaugurated on October 27, 2000 2001 The town of Lisbon organizes the exposure of his great marble and bronze sculptures, with the Castle St George which dominates the old city. he exhibits three aubusson tapestries in france.
a listed artist whose works are sold by major auction houses (sothebys and christies) and is in major museum collections around the world. he is listed in adec, benezit, davenports, mallets, whos who etc.

Condition: Good

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