Jean-Michel Moreau, ‘Allegorical designs representing America’, 1807-1808, Christie's Old Masters

The drawing representing a sphere, surmounted by the winged and crowned figure of Europe, was engraved in reverse as the cartouche at lower right of a map of South America, published in 1814 as an independent map by Pierre-François Tardieu. The engraving is also described by M.-J.-F. Mahérault (L'oeuvre de Moreau le Jeune, Paris, 1880, p. 432, under no. 381). He relates the composition to the Cartouche de la carte du Voyage de la Pérouse. The second drawing has not been connected to any finished print, which may mean that although intended for a similar purpose (perhaps on a map of North America?) it was not engraved.

Signature: Signed and dated 'J.M. Moreau le Je 1807.'(i); and 'J.M. moreau Le Je 1808.' (ii)

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French, 1741-1814, Paris, France, based in Paris, France

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