Jean-Paul Riopelle, ‘Plate 1, from Album 67’, 1967, Gilden's Art Gallery

This work is hand signed in pencil by the artist "Riopelle" at the lower right corner.
It is also hand inscribed in pencil "HC" (Hors Commerce) at the lower left corner.
This impression is one out of ten Hors Commerce (out of trade) proofs aside the limited edition of 75 signed and numbered impressions.
The edition was printed by "Imprimerie ARTE Adrien Maeght" and published by Maeght in Paris in 1967.
Other Impressions of this same edition are in important public collections:
University of Southern Queensland: Impression numbered "4/75";
Royal Museums Greenwich: Impression numbered "6/75".


  1. Yseult Riopelle, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Catalogue Raisonne des Estampes, 2005.
    Reference: YR 1967.29aEST.LI.ALB
  2. Guy Robert, Riopelle ou la Poetique du Geste, Editions de l'Homme , Montreal, 1970, p.109.

Condition: Excellent condition.

About Jean-Paul Riopelle

The only Canadian artist involved with the seminal post-World War II School of Paris, Jean-Paul Riopelle was in dialogue with artists such as Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miró, and André Breton when he made his surrealism-inspired, abstract paintings. Riopelle employed a tachiste style, which he achieved by applying oil paint in thick, demonstrative strokes with palette knives. He also worked with gouache, watercolor, and ink and experimented with bronze sculpture. When pop art and nouveau réalisme became popular in the 1960s, Riopelle introduced representational elements back into his work. These later paintings have been described as “abstract landscapism.” Later in his life, Riopelle also incorporated figuration and multimedia components into his signature gestural paintings.

Canadian, 1923-2002, Montreal, Canada, based in Paris and Quebec