Jean Xceron, ‘Composition #212’, 1941, Washburn Gallery

About Jean Xceron

Jean Xceron was an abstract painter who was influenced by European modernism, yet eluded indoctrination into the close circle of the American Abstract Artists group. Xceron was first traditionally trained as a draughtsman, but after encountering modernist art in 1916, he developed a deep appreciation for flat color and expressive distortion. The artist’s style underwent several changes over the course of his career; he experimented with cubist approaches to figural subjects as well as grid-based abstraction. Xceron is now best known for his dynamic compositions of geometric forms. Although he initially worked with a muted palette, he later adopted a vibrant color scheme, which became his hallmark. Xceron was also an active art critic, and his popularity as a critic eclipsed his reputation as a painter for a period of time.

Greek, American, 1890-1967

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