JeeYoung Lee, ‘Flu’, 2008, Opiom Gallery

Series: Stage of Mind

I do not like rain. It causes inconvenience because I have to carry around an umbrella and my shoes get wet. I wanted to show rain using PET bottles that we easily find around the neighborhood and are consumed in our everyday lives. PET bottles are made to contain liquid. As these bottles fall from the sky, they are spilling the liquids they used to contain.

The figure is holding an umbrella to avoid the PET bottles, which indicates that we normally ?consume? but can?t elude like social duties, responsibilities, tasks, and roles. I am holding an umbrella against them in attempt to protect myself. As I find myself in an ambiguous state, neither a young student nor a fully independent adult, I was overwhelmed by the idea that I had to find something I could do. The journey ahead was far. Like a rain shower, worries poured over me and I have not yet found a particular solution. I wanted to touch the story of my situation with PET bottles and an umbrella.

LEE JeeYoung

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