JeeYoung Lee, ‘Resurrection’, 2011, Opiom Gallery

Series: Stage of Mind

This piece was inspired by the Story of Shim Cheong, a Korea folktale and Ophelia, touching the meaning of death and resurrection. Sacred lotus flowers and leaves are made of paper and painted and the mystic atmosphere was created with fog and dry ice.

Lotus, a flower blooming and closing to the rise and fall of the sun, bears various cultural symbolisms such as prospects and rebirth. It is also known for its purifying function even flowering from the dirty mud. Rooted in the association of lotus, the piece is to convey my personal experience of being born again by overcoming negative elements that had dragged me down and cleansing myself emotionally. Artistic intentions lie in capturing the crucial moment of growing from immaturity to maturity, realizing potentials of a being and actualizing oneself. The figure revealed with a lotus bud opening implies a stronger self who was just born again and is meeting a new world.

Lee JeeYoung

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