JeeYoung Lee, ‘The Moment’, 2014, Opiom Gallery

Series: Stage of Mind

My first encounter with Swan Lake was when I was a little girl. I watched the animation so much that I damaged the video tape. The movement Scene from Tchaikovsky?s Swan Lake has long been my favorite classic music. I was naturally drawn to Black Swan having fond memories of Swan Lake and an interest in director Darren Aronofsky since his movie Requiem for a Dream. Besides, I think Natalie Portman is a great actress.

I understood the movie as a story about conflicting faces of our egos and extreme self-improvement. The protagonist is a ballerina who must play two roles. The black swan and the white swan have completely opposite characteristics. The white swan must search from within her alter ego, the black swan. The ballerina accepts and taps into her darker self. I believe this reflects an aspect of contemporary life. It also shows how difficult it is to know oneself and making a conscious decision to create an alter ego.

We all have inner desires and alter egos hidden in the darkest corner of our psyche. Awakening a side of you that you never knew existed and embracing it as your own is a challenging process. Black Swan depicts the inner turmoil of the ballerina as she struggles to get in touch with her darker self. The director uses startling visuals to draw the audience into her inner nightmare. The inner journey of the innocent and fragile heroin is similar to that of rebirth.

I believe women as a whole are fragile, complicated, and mysterious beings. I also believe there is beauty in such femininity. A while back the phrase ?a woman?s transformation is not a crime? became popular. There is truth in this phrase; women transform throughout their lifetime. They move on from being a girl, to a women, a mother, and an old woman.

I wanted to touch upon potential and possibilities. Women are beautiful because they have the capacity to transform. I associated the word ?black swan? with the economic metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and often

Each cube in this piece represents the elements. I tried to capture the moment when a phenomenon manifests itself as the elements come together and disperse. I was inspired by the moment the ballerina transforms from a white swan to a black swan. It represents the destruction of the norm, transformation, and the moment of birth. The holographic material reflects light in a million directions. It speaks of the subtle emotional changes and hidden potentials.

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