Jeff Brouws, ‘Railroad Landscape #83, former Newburgh, Dutchess and Connecticut right-of-way running across Mashomack preserve (abandoned 1938), MP 16.5, view north, Summer, near Briar Hill, New York’, 2011, Robert Mann Gallery

About Jeff Brouws

Jeff Brouws documents the contemporary American landscape in photographs that also reveal traces of history: “I often feel like a visual anthropologist recording our present day civilization,” he has said of his practice. Brouws’ photographs reveal a civilization transitioning out of an industrial economy into an undefined future. Among the evidence of this transition, which Brouws presents in a deadpan yet poetic style, are abandoned gas stations, crumbling factories, and highway vistas punctuated with commercial advertisements.

American , b. 1955, San Francisco, California, based in Stanfordville, New York