Jeff Elrod, ‘Hey Moon’, 2013, Phillips

From the Catalogue:
Hey Moon enchants the eye with its shifting planes of colour and luminous sense of depth, employing Elrod’s trademark blend of digital abstraction. A blurred web of deep purples and whites spreads across the canvas of this monumental painting, evoking swirling clouds and otherworldly landscapes.

Executed in 2013, the work forms part of a series of Echo Paintings, the result of Elrod’s innovative use of UV ink on canvas. The artist began experimenting with the computer as a creative tool in the 1990s and coined the term ‘frictionless drawing’ to describe his technique of transforming digital drawings into abstracted images. ‘I prefer the smoothness of drawing in light as opposed to pencil and paper’ (Jeff Elrod interviewed by Bill Powers, MUSE Magazine, 2014). Elrod’s practice thus raises questions about the correlation between art and technology and inverts the traditional relationship between them to hallucinatory effect.
Courtesy of Phillips

Signature: titled, signed and dated '"Hey Moon" Elrod 2013' on the overlap

Private Collection

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