Jeff Kahm, ‘Vernacular No. 3’, 2015, Madison Gallery
Jeff Kahm, ‘Vernacular No. 3’, 2015, Madison Gallery

About Jeff Kahm

Painter Jeff Kahm explores the confluence of culture and technology, describing his work as “a fusion of indigenous motifs combined with codes of modernist practices.” In the tradition of indigenous cultures, he uses abstract and geometric motifs to create and convey meaning; such forms were pivotal to the early development of visual cultures across many societies, while at the same time they allude to modern computer circuitry or urban architecture. Kahm notes that technological advancements have caused many indigenous peoples around the world to change their ways of life, while it has prompted others to cling to traditional cultural practices. Painted on Plexiglas panels, his brightly colored patterns resonate universally with their infinite interpretations. A recent exhibition titled “Vernacular” focused on stripes as a means of exploring compositional variation.

Canadian, b. 1968, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, based in Santa Fe, NM, United States

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