Jeff Martin, ‘Excavated Vessel’, 2018, Jeff Martin Joinery

Using remnants from our cork casting methods for furniture and mirror production, we are sculpting a continuing body of work in which glass is blown into. We effectively sculpt negative space which glass expands into. As we remove the molds, oxygen floods between the molten glass and it's mould counterpart and acts as an ignition source. Fire scorches the surface of the cork meaning we only have one chance to use the molds before they are destroyed.

Each time we excavate the work from the cork, we see it for the first time.

Glass is the chosen material for these vessels as the fluidity, immediacy, and intuition of glass working is in conversation with the surprise and wonder of gestural sculpture.

The result of this studio specific method is an object of a cosmic spirit, which look like glaciers, mountain ranges, snow drifts, rock faces, ice caves, and tidal pools hurled into outer space.

Series: Excavated

Signature: On bottom

Image rights: Copyright Jeff Martin Joinery

Manufacturer: Jeff Martin Joinery

Collective Design Fair

About Jeff Martin

Canadian, b. 1984, Edmonton, AB, Canada, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada