Jeila Gueramian, ‘What is the Best’, 2015, CMA: Benefit Auction 2016

Jeila Gueramian creates alternate worlds using zippers, buttons, and brightly colored found textiles including crocheted blankets, latch hook rugs and embroidered pieces. Gueramian uses materials that have a history, either found or family objects, hand-me downs, or vintage items and transforms them into fantastical installations.

Gueramian graduated with a BFA from Otis Parsons School of Design in 1991. After graduating, she worked in art departments and costume design. Later she moved into making custom props, focusing on plush sculptures, puppets and fantastical costumes. In 2011, Gueramian refocused on her fine art with a six-month residency at The Wassaic Project, culminating in a large-scale installation. She has since completed major installations at Mixed Greens Gallery, New York City; Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York City; and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Ark. And currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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