Jelizaveta Suska, ‘Frozen Valentine, Brooch’, 2017, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Jelizaveta Suska, ‘Frozen Valentine, Brooch’, 2017, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

Pieces from the Frozen Moment collection are made using a special material that the artist has created by combining artificial and natural components. The material in itself is made from an adhesive polymer and it is mixed together with crushed marble, amber or magma sand, in addition to other sands and powders. She dyes the material with a special dye solution so the color penetrates the surface of polymer. Than she melts the material and shapes it. And because every memory that we want to keep is precious, she combines this material with precious metals like gold.

Since the work is about memory, when she works with each piece it is very soft and flexible, just like a present moment that you can adjust a bit but in a while it turns still, just like a frozen moment in time.

"In this project, I am aiming to create pieces that would express solitude and moments of happiness. I used, as a starting point, idea of a silent moment. What is a moment? For me it is incarnated in a stone, landscapes and blur. I use a polymer material and cover it with crushed marble. Silence is light and transparent like the material I use. The unique combination of these two components creates the illusion of a solid stone. I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels I celebrate the idea behind the material. For the rear of the brooches and other supporting details of the jewellery I use valuable metals like gold, gold plated silver and titanium. My idea is to show beauty of a moment in a landscape or stone-like abstract figures crafted in to brooches. "

Diane Daniel, "Prize Awarded at Contemporary Jewelry Fair", New York Times, March 22, 2016.

About Jelizaveta Suska

b. 1989, Jelgava, Latvia, based in Gothenburg, Sweden

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