Jem Southam, ‘15 February 2001’, 2001/2006, ClampArt

Series: From the series "Upston Pyne"

Signature: Signed and numbered, verso

About Jem Southam

Photographer Jem Southam makes rural landscape images that document man’s intervention in nature. Photographing the same locations over months and years with a large format camera, Southam records transitions as they unfold. In “The Pond at Upton Pyne” series, taken from 1996 to 2001, Southam captures the maintenance and neglect of a pond that was once a manganese mine in the 1700s. More recently, Southam has photographed the cliffs of the English Channel in majestic large-scale works like Senneville-sur-Fecamp, April 2006 (2006).

British, b. 1950, Bristol, United Kingdom