Jen Davis, ‘Natalia, Virginia Beach’, 2007, Aperture Benefit Auction 2014

Jen Davis, who is best known for self-portraits that explore her emotional relationship to weight and body image, here considers a subject whose appearance is very different from her own, highlighting the universality of the struggle with conventions of beauty.

Frame dimensions: 12"x12". Print dimensions vary.

Signature: Signature label, affixed to the back of the frame.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Lee Marks Fine Art and ClampArt

About Jen Davis

In her decade-spanning series of poignant self-portraits, photographer Jen Davis has dealt with societal standards of body image by exploiting her own insecurities. In portraits of her daily life at home, Davis captures herself—a self-proclaimed obese female in her twenties—through reconstructions of her experiences. Although made in self-exploration, Davis believes her obstacles with self-image speak to women throughout America who have been conditioned to believe they must be thin in order to be attractive or desired. In other work, Davis has enlisted men as subjects in order to explore relationships, specifically different modes of physical and psychological connection with the camera. In this series, she photographs men she would not ordinarily be brave enough to approach, and yet with camera in hand (a tool of seduction) she feels temporarily desired and empowered.

American, b. 1978, Akron, Ohio, based in Brooklyn, New York