Jenna Kuiper, ‘Ceremony’, 2015, Richard Levy Gallery

My large-scale photograms bring the intentions of drawing to the materials of photography. Trained as a painter, I came across this process by accident while teaching middle-schoolers at a summer arts camp. The different grays achieved through timed light in the darkroom reminded me of the value scale in drawing. With this in mind, I set about creating prints with controlled light and cut-up shapes. I often refer to my process as drawing in the dark. Stones, daggers, ceremonial vessels, and geometric drawing forms come together in unusual and private altars spaces. Bringing these still-life forms to the darkroom subverts the nature of drawing. Image-making is based on conjecture rather than sight and once developed the results cannot be changed. The unseen and unknown is given precedence. I find ceremony in this process. Using cut up shapes, complex burning and dodging techniques, and a fiber-based, matte, silver-gelatin paper, these unique prints are made with materials that harken back to the beginnings of photographic history. Through this process, I aim to challenge the ubiquitous nature of photography and to appreciate the medium beyond its depiction of the seen world.
-Jenna Kuiper

Jenna Kuiper (b. 1981) works with paint and photography in a way that explores perspectives and ruminates on the nature of meditation through repetition. Kuiper’s photographs look to the immediate world to explore the formal elements of surface, color and light— the ways in which the every day evokes the unknown. Jenna Kuiper lives and works in Albuquerque, NM.

About Jenna Kuiper

American, b. 1981, Huron, SD, United States, based in New Mexico

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