Jennie Jieun Lee, ‘Strawberry Nose (Oma)’, 2015, MARTOS GALLERY

About Jennie Jieun Lee

Jennie Jieun Lee makes expressive, richly textured ceramics covered in abstract paintings with hints of representational imagery. “While I am working I think of the humorous events in my life along with people’s interesting mannerisms and notions. Much of my visual language is fueled by experimentation [with] thoughts and color,” she has said. Although Lee has worked in printmaking and photography, ceramics are her focus. She creates an array of objects, including wheel-thrown, hand-altered vessels; masks with morphing, multipart features; and collections of vibrant mugs, plates, planters, and trays that she calls “glazemoods.” All of these works are unified by their colorful surfaces, which, according to Lee, “mimic, articulate, and navigate emotional and psychological spaces.”

Korean-American, b. 1973, Seoul, South Korea, based in Brooklyn, New York

Group Shows

New York,
Anonymous Gallery, 
Mexico City,
Greenpoint Terminal Gallery,