Jennifer B. Thoreson, ‘Cancer’, 2010, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

Testament is a collection of twelve intricately staged photographs which, through sculpture, installation, and representational human subjects, explores spiritual heaviness, burdens in love relationships, and the ache for relief.

In this series, the artist is curious about how relationships survive, why they dissolve, how people love one another, and how such love is expressed. In this series, Thoreson investigates the spiritual labor of bearing weight, submission, futileness and persistence.

"These photographs are representations of quiet, ultra-still, delicate moments of raw humanness; the phase just after a laboring, aching fall and at the point when renewal inevitably begins".—Jennifer B. Thoreson

Series: Testament

Signature: Signed, numbered on verso.

Image rights: Jennifer B. Thoreson

Direct from the artist.

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