Jennifer Dalton, ‘Reckoning’, 2012, Winkleman Gallery

This interactive installation invites viewers to consider issues of “Surplus” and “Debt” in their own lives and experiences.

Instructions ask each viewer to consider situations where they feel they have given more than they have received back or where they have received more than they have given, to then write down that experience on one of the the provided note pads, and to place the sheet with their response in either the “Surplus” or the “Debt” receptacles.

In exchange for their participation, the viewers are invited to take one of the buttons located under each their entry’s box. Multiple surveys can be filled out reflecting different aspects of one’s life.

About Jennifer Dalton

Conceptual artist Jennifer Dalton centers her practice on the “mining” of a wide range of data about the art world (and the world at large), be it market statistics or a subjective survey of artists with the most wisdom. In addition to the figures and information she presents, Dalton’s choice of medium is an integral part of her work; she often uses materials that contribute to a hand-made or vintage look, as in Every Descriptive Word and Phrase Used to Describe Artists and their Work in Artforum’s “Best of 2007” (2009), a haphazard-looking pencil-on-paper list, and Contemporary Art According to Jen, (2002), a rudimentary slide presentation given on an outdated laptop computer. In recent works, Dalton has compiled images to answer loaded questions including “What does an important person look like?” (2011), using decorative frames to suggest that these people are themselves works of art.

American, b. 1967