Jennifer Greenburg, ‘Diving off the Shores of Lake Michigan’, 2012, Wall Space Gallery

Signature: en verso

Revising History is a study on photography, the nature of the visual image, and it's role in creating cultural allegories. The work intends to create a dialogue about the photograph as a simulacrum - the moment vs the referent. To engage these layered truths I replace the central figure in found mid-century (1940-1960) vernacular photographs with an image of myself. In doing so I effectively hijack the memory and create a counterfeit image. Most do not stop to think about the ubiquitous nature of the camera or the impact of the pictures, but snapshots now intervene in almost every aspect of life - the pinnacle and the banal. The danger in this is we seem to have forgotten the picture liberates the moment from reality, erases vantage, and is inevitably susceptible to be co-opted or underwritten fantasy.

signed, dated and editioned en verso

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