Jennifer Schlesinger, ‘Vela’, 2016, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Series: Vignettes

Signature: Signed on recto

About Jennifer Schlesinger

In tune with nature and the rhythms of family life, Jennifer Schlesinger uses photography to celebrate the wonder of the natural world, family legacies and memories, and her daughter’s experiences growing up. “What I’m most attracted to with photography is the ability [of] a camera to . . . capture a memory,” she once said. Her photographs—color and toned black-and-white prints made in a darkroom—are imbued with a sense of the passage of time. Schlesinger works in series, and has captured the phases of the moon; the family heirlooms and domestic objects in her home; and her daughter’s experience of the world, as conveyed through images in which the distinction between reality and imagination is blurred. For the artist, photography is a way to engage with the world and with others. “For me, photography is an investigation of this life,” she has remarked.

American, b. 1974, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico