Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles, ‘Untitled’, 2016, Duane Reed Gallery

Pohlman and Knowles began their collaboration in 1992. They use a variety of materials in their rich assemblages, including hot-sculpted glass, various metal works, found objects and beads, achieving a fine sense of formal balance. Three notable research field trips had a profound impact on their personal and artistic development: in 1997 they visited Zimbabwe and Botswana; returning to Africa they visited Ghana in 2000; and in 2002 they traveled to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and East Africa. They gathered creative and emotional inspiration from these travels. These experiences are used to create sculptures that embody mythological stories in glass. Part of the narrative of the object is derived from the artists’ own travels and part by ancient cultures and magic of African life as witnessed by the two artists: “We have a point of origin and balance our elements within that framework. “

About Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles