Jenny Toth, ‘Leaving the Pack’, 2012, Tabla Rasa Gallery

About Jenny Toth

Known for painting fantastical, anxiety-ridden narrative scenes with a touch of humor, Jenny Toth works from direct observation, sometimes with the aid of elaborate set-ups and props. Typically, the scenes she transcribes onto canvas or paper constitute a variation on self-portraiture, stemming from her interest in how women choose to portray themselves versus how male artists have traditionally depicted them. Including “flaws” like a deformed toe or hairy legs underscores her premium on honesty over vain attempts at conforming to conventional beauty standards. Through portraits of herself hiding behind a cactus, a fisherman’s net, or a mask, Toth explores themes of inner struggle, fear of loneliness, and wariness of intimate commitment. Exemplifying Toth’s recent abstract-leaning work, Murderous Thoughts (2009) and Just Married (2009) are deconstructed scenes of fragmented body parts and layered perspectives.

American, based in New York, New York

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